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Unbreakable Spoon and Fork, Unbreakable Spork, Halo-halo Spoon, Sundae Spoon, Tea Spoon, Premium Spoon, Premium Fork, Premium Knife, Ice Cream Spoon and many more

Paper Cups

paper cups

Available in 6.5oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz Printed Paper Cups is available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 22oz
Note: Coffee Lids for 6.5oz and 12oz is also available

Paper Bowls

paper bowl

Available in Paper Bowl 260cc, Paper Bowl 390cc, Paper Bowl 520cc
Note: Bowl Lids for 390cc and 520cc is also available

Paper Plates

Available in Silver and White Color, 9 inhes in diameter.

Paper Meal Box

Meal Boxes available in small, medium and large sizes

Paper Bags

Paper Bags available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes

Plastic Cups

Available in Plastic Cups 8oz, Plastic Cups 12oz, Plastic Cups 16oz, Also available Tinted Cups in blue and green color
Note: Our Lids are Tailor Made to Our Products Only

Party Set 10's and 5's

10 Spoons, 10 Forks, 10 Plastic Plates, 10 Plastic Cups


Juice Lids available for 12oz, 16oz & 22oz
Coffee Lids available for 6.5oz and 8oz
Bowl Lids available for 390cc and 520cc

Photo Paper

Available in 135 gsm, 160 gsm, 180 gsm, 190 gsm, 220 gsm and 230 gsm

Document Case

Available in A4 and Legal sizes with blue, pink, clear and orange color

CD and DVD Cases

Available VP Slim DVD Cases 5ís, VP Ultrapak DVD Cases, VP Unbreakable CD Slim 10ís, VP Ultrapak Dual CD Cases 5ís, VP Ultra Slim CD Cases 10ís, and many More

Blank CD and DVD

VP Budgetpack CD-R 10ís
VP Budgetpack CD-R 25ís
VP Budgetpack DVD-R 10ís
VP Budgetpack DVD-R 25ís

CD Sleeves

Available yellow, orange, black, clear and green color

Budgetpack Pre-Cut Tissue

Budgetpack Pre-Cut Tissue