Company Profile

PRECISION MASTER TECHNOLOGY, INC., (PMTI), was initially established in 1990 as a single proprietorship by a visionary entrepreneur,Mr. Micheangelo T. Co. Upon its incorporation 4 years later, PMTI was already among the leading suppliers of reasonably priced and high quality blank media for audio, video and data processing needs. Back then, PMTI's customers were largely comprised of end-users and bulk re-sellers.

By the year 2000, Mr. Co saw golden opportunities in the retail arena. He brought this into fruition during the same year by pioneering consumer-packaged CD and DVD cases into the biggest department store chain in the Philippines.

The success of the cases was sensibly followed with the introduction of the optical media themselves. These cdrs were trademarked VALUEPLUS to put emphasis on both quality and cost-effectiveness in the midst of an ocean of cheap and unreliable imports. It did not take long before subsequent office items sold by PMTI adopted the VALUEPLUS trademark.

Armed with these fresh lessons in retail marketing, the company embarked on a bolder moves the same year into the dynamic world of fast moving consumer goods. This new direction entailed a leap of faith rededicating part of its manufacturing facility from blank media to common household items.

The new product lineup began with the introduction of VALUEPLUS spoons, forks and knives into the largest supermarket chain. It did not take very long for the new items to carve and thrive their own niche in a segment dominated by huge and traditional suppliers. This feat was achieved not only because of the party-themed color rich VALUEPLUS packaging but also because of their unique unbreakable properties.

These picnic items quickly became staples amongst the largest wholesalers and retailers because of their first class quality, lively packaging, remarkable durability, and reasonable prices.

Just last year, again in spite of very stiff competition from cheap imports, PMTI inaugurated its own paper cup, paper bowl, and paper plate facility in response to a growing demand for “greener” products. Under the VALUEPLUS mark, it took only a few months before an avalanche of orders kept the new factory grinding nearly at full capacity.

Drawing inspiration from strong business relationships, the Valueplus goodwill, and PMTI’s concern for the environment, the company was emboldened to establish their own biodegradable packaging and cutting-edge printing facilities in the latter months of 2011.

The first quarter of 2012 saw a reinforcement of PMTI’s office and computer business when the company was awarded the local distributorship of Philips solid state media. The lineup included a vast array of flash drives, standard SD cards, and micro SDs. Even high speed and high capacity SD cards are now available in order to address the ranks of sophisticated photo enthusiasts.

The global brand was discreetly launched last February at all branches of SM’s Supplies Station. Thereafter, numerous direct inquiries began to pour in because of their vibrant packaging, the “Philips” branding and the significantly lower price points compared to the established heavy weights.

PMTI sees a future where it will continue to firmly establish its foothold on both of its core businesses through a firm commitment to “surprise and delight” their business partners and clientele. PMTI believes that this can only be achieved through regular marketing and product innovations, genuine concern for the environment and a solid commitment to fair

Machines & Facilities

Paper Cups Machine

Our Paper Cup Machines are well maintained and lubricated by our experienced technician and operator to increase productivity and performance.

Paper Bowl Machine

Our Paper Bowl Facilities are capable of producing quality Paper Bowl with mould sizes from 260cc, 390cc and 520cc.

Flexographic Machine

Our Flexographic Printing Machine is tasked for all our printing needs. We can print up to 6 spot color print from Paper Cups, Paper Bowl and Plastic Polybags. Flexo Printing uses Food Grade Ink or water base ink that suits for you food packaging needs.

Plastic Injection Machine

Our Plastic Injection Machine produces Unbreakable Spoon and Fork and other cutlery. Various mould also intended for CD and DVD case, and Document Case

Thermo Forming Machine

Thermoforming machine produces Plastic Cups, Tinted Cups, Juice Lids and Bowl lids

Plastic Extrusion Machine

Raw Plastic materials are process in this machine to come up with exact thickness for specific plastic products..